Why You Should Move to Des Moines, IA For Work

When considering applying for our marketing jobs in Des Moines, you may want to know more about Des Moines and the many reasons why this city is considered to be a great destination to move to. From delicious eateries to exciting attractions, Des Moines is a city that offers something for everyone.

Things to Do In Des Moines

As the capital of Iowa, Des Moines is home to many popular cultural destinations, museums, gardens, and other attractions that you might be interested in visiting when getting to know more about the city. The Capitol Building is considered to be one of the best attractions in Iowa due to the presence of a large gold dome and a statue of President Lincoln. If you wish to spend time among nature, Gray’s State Park and the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden provide you with the means of getting in touch with nature whenever you want. The Des Moines Art Center is a great destination for art lovers that contains a comprehensive collection of sculptures, paintings, and modern art. No matter where your interests lie, the city of Des Moines plays host to a range of destinations that are sure to satisfy.

How Iowa Ranks When Compared to Other States

When thinking of moving to Iowa for one of our marketing or copywriter jobs in Des Moines, consider such factors as desirability, the current job market, and the overall quality of life. Every year, numerous publications rank the cities and states on an array of different factors, which can be helpful when trying to decide whether or not it’s a good idea to relocate to Des Moines.

When taking a look at the state of Iowa, it ranks third among all states in healthcare, fifth in education, fourth in opportunity, and tenth in quality of life. The state is also positioned at number one in online infrastructure. As for the city of Des Moines, ZipRecruiter has named it the eighth best city in the U.S. in regards to being able to find small business jobs. Across the many publications that rank the cities, Des Moines appears in the top 10 for:

  • Best place to live
  • Best job market
  • Most artistic city
  • Most popular city for millennial homebuyers

Useful Statistics When Considering a Move to Des Moines

The median home price being at an affordable $181,000, of which is decidedly lower than the national average of $222,000. When you are thinking of renting an apartment, the average rent in Des Moines is around $830. The current unemployment rate is also at a very low 2.9 percent. Just over 600,000 people live within the metropolitan area of Des Moines. The average commute for people who work in the city is right around 20 minutes, which is six minutes less than the national average.

So, what are you waiting for?