The average organization’s Human Resources Department is often tasked with an enormous amount of daily responsibilities, including maintaining personnel records; keeping track of vacation time, overtime, and compensatory time; and tracking pension funds, savings plans, payroll, EEO requirements, and more.

How can HR staff members deal with these responsibilities and filter through hundreds or thousands of resumes to find the best possible candidate for their open position? Luckily, there’s an easier way. Using our services at HiRe Solutions will save your company significant time and resources.

We want to learn about your company culture, the technology you use, products and services you offer, and your company’s leadership style – with as much detail as possible so we can better educate the candidate about how your business operates. Gathering this critical data at the beginning of our search ensures a complete understanding of the assignments, allowing us to target very specific candidates. Together we will determine what skills are most necessary for us to reach your set goals.

We will interview each candidate on your behalf and submit the qualified ones for your consideration.

We filter through hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of resumes to find those few that fit perfectly with what you’re looking for. We fully understand the importance of the personality fit and how that contributes to everyone’s success. After thoroughly interviewing the candidate(s), we will send you their resume and a cover sheet highlighting critical information: special skills, why they are searching for a new job, career goals, strengths, publications, relocation preferences, travel preferences, desired salary range, education, and any other information we feel is relevant. We will always share the candidates’ contact information with you. We do not block this data as we strongly believe we are in a trusting relationship with our partners.

Once you have reviewed our candidates, we will begin arranging meetings between you and the selected candidate(s). We will debrief each candidate following the interview and immediately provide you with their feedback. We will follow through with the candidates you are interested in and keep you apprised of any and all activities. We keep you informed so you can make educated, timely decisions.

When you have selected a candidate and wish to make an offer, we can help structure final negotiations between both parties. When the candidate has accepted an offer, our job isn’t over yet. We will contact the placed candidate to make sure they have transitioned smoothly. If there is a problem, it is best to know early so it can be resolved immediately.

If you have any questions regarding our hiring process or how we can help your company find the perfect candidate, please contact us at 912-230-4473 today to discuss your goals.