How A Contingency Recruiting Firm In New York Works

When it comes to certain jobs, especially technical or leadership ones, it can be hard for your Human Resources department to handle them. Unless someone on the team has worked in one of these positions, then hiring someone with the right experience and qualifications could take a lot longer than it needs to. But if you hire a contingency recruiting firm in New York such as HiRe Solutions, then you can find your new employee much faster.

At HiRe Solutions, we look at what you want in your open positions and then select only the best candidates from our large talent pool. We can help you fill open roles in management, cybersecurity, Information Technology, Human Resources, marketing, operations, branding, business development, social media, website design and so much more.

We find the best fit by first understand what your company is all about. We spend time with you to understand daily operations and what your corporate and management culture is like. We then take this knowledge and find applicants who would fit into that culture seamlessly. This highly increases the chances that they will stay in the job in the long term so you do not end up filling in open positions again and again.

We thoroughly vet and interview the candidates, then send over only the best to your HR department for a final interview. At that point, it is up to you which person to choose, but we will only send our highest recommended candidates to ensure you are getting only the cream of the crop.

This means that your company runs better because all of your unfilled positions are now filled with the best talent imaginable. Nobody has to work double duty to pick up the slack, so daily operations are more streamlined and efficient, which saves you money in both the short and long-run.