Work With The Best IT Search Firm In Chicago, IL

Human Resources in today’s executive world can be overwhelmed with the types of resources required to find and hire personnel for the top information technology positions in the agency. The business size doesn’t matter, the services of a recruiter are beneficial. Are you looking for the help of an IT search firm in Chicago IL? HiRe Solutions is the most reliable and trusted IT search firm serving in Chicago, Illinois. It is an executive recruitment agency specializing in digital marketing, cyber-security, IT architecture and infrastructure, supply chain management, finance management, human resources management, and more, serving clients across the United States.

The company provides two major categories of services. The professional teamwork with clients to determine the details about their culture, industry, work environment and other factors. This catalog of information helps to determine the best employee to employer fit. The other major category of assistance is services to the job candidates. They receive help in preparing for a job interview, preparing an application or a resume. We specialize in keeping job candidates highly competitive and informed regarding their career goals. From interview coaching to client education, HiRe Solutions prepares job seekers for the journey ahead and enables them to achieve success.

The firm can be helpful in finding the right type of people to fill a variety of positions. These include CIO, Director of IT, Director of eCommerce, Director of Digital Marketing, Webmaster, Web Developer, Content Producer, Web Administrator, Desktop Support Specialist, Front End Developer, SEO Specialist, Systems Integration Manager, Director of Software Engineering, Software Engineer, Database Engineer, Senior DBA. Open Stack Software Engineer or Artificial Intelligence Manager.

Founder Barbara Ziegler launched her recruiting firm HiRe Solutions in 2001. The headquarters are located near Savannah, Georgia. Some of the industries HiRe Solutions recruits for include Gas and Oil, IT, Healthcare and Life Sciences. More clients are found among businesses providing (CPG) consumer packaged goods, energy and utilities, E-Commerce, Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Distribution, Retail, Food and Beverage and more.

A representative of the company explained, “We provide IT recruiting services to global leaders in North America. Our conduct is measured by our ability to consistently provide quality, integrity, proficiency and ethics without compromise. Trust lies in the heart of the value we provide to our clients and to society. Our collective goal is to excel in the way we do business through professional excellence.”

If you need the talent of an IT search agency in Chicago IL, we can help. Call 912-437-3500 today to learn how we can help you find the talent you need!