Choosing A Contingency Recruiter In Chicago, IL

Filling mid to upper-level management positions can require time and other resources that the Human Resources division of a company does not have. These companies can benefit from the use of a professional recruiter. Two main types of recruitment are available: the contingency recruiter and the retained search recruiter. Are you looking for a reliable contingency recruiter in Chicago, IL? Do you need contingency recruitment services in Chicago? HiRe Solutions has the most reliable and trusted recruitment services for businesses in Chicago and nationwide.

Contingent recruiters are those where the fee is applicable when the position is filled. It is the opposite of the retained search type, where the professional consultant is paid in advance to conduct a job search. HiRe Solutions has the professional team, knowledge, and experience to provide the staffing necessary to locate and orient candidates for mid to upper management jobs.

Companies that are seeking candidates for a particular position actually have three options for the candidate search: they can do the search internally; they can hire a contingency recruiter or they can use a retained search consultant. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. Doing the search in-house may provide better control over the parameters, but may not reach as many qualified potential applicants.

Recruiters who are paid based on fast results often will work with a large number of potential candidates and can maintain a large database of people who are interested in furthering their career path, or perhaps in making significant changes in the location where they work or the type of work which they do. The process can still provide a highly qualified candidate for the client. The client can be provided with a group of applicants from which a final selection may be made.

A retained search recruitment process is different from contingent searches. It may entail a much more exhaustive process. The applicant list is likely to be smaller and more focused on a particular position. It may take more time since the attention is dedicated to making sure that the right fit is provided between the client and the applicant. In either instance, HiRe Solutions engages in a combination of expertise, data banks, analytics, and industry knowledge to help our clients find an ideal match.

When you are searching for information about contingency recruiting services in Chicago IL, HiRe Solutions has the professional team to provide you with the personnel you are looking for. Call 912-437-3500 today to learn how we can help you find the talent you need!